Calling Me

Pipes And Pints
[Eb]     [Fmi]      [Ab]     [Eb]     [Fmi]      [Ab]     [Eb]   
[Fmi]      [Ab]     [Eb]     [Fmi]      [Ab]     [Eb]   
[Eb]Lost my fun [Fmi]for the bar,
[Ab]trying not to get [Eb]high anymore.
The change I want, is [Fmi]more and more, 
it's [Ab]more and [Eb]more! 
Don’t get me wrong, there’s [Fmi]still some days, 
where I [Ab]got to throw a pill just to [Eb]get away.
I crawl deep in[Fmi]side myself 
and I [Ab]try to think it a[Eb]way!  

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