Space Sushi

[Ami]   [G]   [C]   [F]   [Ami]      [G]   [C]   [F]
You've [Ami]always been [G]chasing something [C]distant, [F] yeah.
[Ami]Every time it [G]slipped out of your [C]hands. [F]
Well,[Ami] you’ve always had the id[G]ea you're something [C]different,[F]
but [Ami] you're the wannabe, who [G]wants to be something.
[C] It’s time for you to change, [F]you gotta go all in.

[Ami] I'm a wannabe, but I [G]wanna be something,
[C] it's time for me to change, I [F]gotta go all in.
[Ami] Set my a[G]larm for early morning,

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