Letter To You

[Db]    [Ab]    [Ebmi7]      [Gb]
[Db]  Hello dear friend,[Ab]
now I [Ebmi7]know you so much [Gb]better.
[Db]  I hope you'll get the [Ab]message,
you will read the [Ebmi7]letter. [Gb]
[Db]  And if it's al[Ab]right,
I will [Ebmi7]start from the be[Gb]ginning.
The [Db]day you caught my [Ab]heart,
got the whole world [Ebmi7]spinning.[Gb]
[Db]  We were one of a kind[Ab]
I was the [Ebmi7]artist, you the [Gb]mastermind.
[Db]  Two strangers wa[Ab]lking in the same di[Ebmi7]rection, [Gb]
[Db]  you're still the [Ab]one,
you're the [Ebmi7]king of hearts, the [Gb]winner
[Db] and I am just a [Ab]lonely soul, a [Ebmi7]sinner.

[Gb]  So would you take a chance right now?
Would you make a step, come over [Bbmi]here?

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