All My Love

[Hmi]Figure out the [A]riddle,
you don[G]'t be fooled.
There is more behind,
do [F#]what you see.
[Hmi]Figure out the [A]riddle,
cause [G]when he lied.
My world was blown,
I nearly [F#]died.
[Hmi]All my love is gone.
All my love is gone.
All my love is gone,
and it feels so good to be free again...
[Hmi]Try and steel the lime from my [A]light,
[E/G#]sabotage my life for your [G]fame.[F#]
You'll [Hmi]never cleanse your shit filled [A]veins,
i[E/G#]entity crisis is your na[G]me. [F#]
[Hmi]Lying won't make you look g[A]ood.
[E/G#]Everyone always comes un[G]done.[F#]
[Hmi]Clench your fists and puff your chest [A]out yeah,
ma[E/G#]nipulate, we know what you're a[G]bout.[F#]

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